Company Profile

Nisarga Vihar is a young company started by outdoor enthusiasts. The main activities of the firm are based on the concept of eco-tourism and stand to appreciate and respect nature. The main objective is to promote adventure sports and nature based activities of all the three major categories - aerial, aquatic and terrestrial among the youth. The organization is also committed to spread the spirit of the sport and love for nature amongst the youth. The principal aim of our outdoor activities is to respect, protect and conserve the rich diversity of nature. Nisarga Vihar perceived the need of a different holiday for todays discerning traveler. While we stay in luxurious comforts in towns and cities, it is a pioneering effort of Nisarga Vihar to make nature and adventure accessible to all and everyone. The specially designed adventure and holiday packages makes you escape from the maddening crowd of the urban jungle into really wild and unspoilt areas for all age group right from school children to senior citizen.

Nisarga Vihar provides adventure activities like camping, rock climbing, rappelling, trekking, mountaineering, skiing, river rafting, paragliding, parasailing, aero-modeling, flying, educational trips, safaris, corporate OMD programmes, weekend trips, pleasure trips and so on. The firm has a very strong and competent team experienced in organizing a variety of outdoor programmes having an intimate knowledge of their subject and terrain. Nisarga Vihar has a excellent network of guides, transporters, hotels, and all that is required for such an adventure programme to make it successful, memorable, and a joy.

Apart from organizing package tours, workshops and other activities, Nisarga Vihar is also offering consultancy services for resort and campsite design and development. The company prepares the master plan and drawings for the development after visiting and studying the site. The firm also supplies a variety of equipments and adventure gear ranging from various tents, rafts, gliding equipments, ski equipments and so on.



Our Mission is to deliver premium quality of service to our guest.


Our Goal is to Promote Sustainable Tourism Development in India